Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Bored? How The Hell?

Bored? How The Hell?

I hear this a lot and I don't understand it, "I'm bored and I have nothing to do." I have no concept of how anyone could be bored in this day and age. There is a world of entertainment and knowledge to be had, right at your fingertips. Let alone what other physical things you could be doing, (Go ahead, get your mind in the gutter for a second, it's fun). Netflix alone has more documentaries then most could watch in a lifetime, let alone everything else that could entertain you on their for decades. I do get one thing though,  that people do get bored with routine and become stagnate. The good new is that it's an easy thing to fix, simply try something new. I would say the best way to overcome boredom, the same old routine or feeling uninspired is to first get a thirst for knowledge, it will definitely make your life more interesting and fulfilling. Not only that, but it will make it better by gaining useful knowledge to not only understand the world around you but to understand yourself and what you might be looking for in life. Another quick cure to this boredom and stagnation is to venture out and take a look at the world for a minute and keep your cell phone in your pocket for a few minutes (your not that important, none of us are). The outside world is a beautiful place, regardless of what you see on the news every night and by the way, turn off the news while your at it, it's poison. People are not as bad as what the media makes them out to be but hey fear sells and everyone is buying so why not? Anyway, take the time to explore the world or your home state for that matter. If your money is low and you can't get out, see the museums in your home town or discover it from your digital device. Each place in this world has it's own beauty to offer. So do yourself a favor and go see it and yes take the phone out of your pocket and take a picture. I'm not that cynical for bitchin out loud. There are rivers, mountains, fields and incredible cities that are designed by some incredibly smart engineers and built by the most down to earth, the blue collar. Take the time to see all this, learn about it and appreciate it. You'll never be bored. Oh yeah, read a book once in awhile, they do help with boredom.

Eric Val




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