Sunday, February 28, 2021

Selfish Sex


    A common thing I've heard from women who I have talked to about sex is that men do not care if a woman has an orgasm. They only care about getting her into bed and getting off. They never take the time to figure out what turns a woman on, what fantasies they have, and what makes them orgasm. Men tend to lean towards the primal side of sex and that is to be domineering and above them. Then there is the other two factors. Single men are just looking for a notch on their belt and married men are just looking for a release when they cheat. Men also typically don't have the stamina to keep up with women and just worry about getting them into bed, getting off, and leaving them disappointed. What men do not realize is that learning and discovering what turns a woman on and gets her off will be empowering for both of you. It's a give and take that is rarely discussed and probably makes men feel inferior. Most women have the capability for multiple orgasms and longevity. While men have the capability for stamina but typically can only have one orgasm at a time and the woman has to wait a few minutes for the second round or the third for that matter. Women, however, can go for a long, long time. Hence why it is important to find all the things that turn her on when it comes to foreplay, sex, teasing, and everything else that comes along with female orgasm. Allow her to be open and tell you what she wants and follow through with it. You won't believe how much of a turn it is to get a woman to orgasm and get turned on by what she likes. And in all reality will bring you two closer together. Now there is a give and take to all this. Men have their fantasies too and should be able to talk about them as well. Therein lies the other half of the battle of sex, communication. Both sides are so afraid of talking about sex and being open with it that it creates a barrier between the two sides. Men and women are wired differently, we need different things sexually. And the more both sides are willing to listen and try things out and quit being so selfish the better off we will all be. 

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